Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happiness, Truthfulness Vs Distance -Lai Ziying (3)

Well, we do learn the different ways to protect ourselves from various types of attacks as we go along in life. However, what I uphold is that no denials of facts and escapism from reality should be present while I protect myself; and when I treat someone nicely, I treat that person whole-heartedly. In fact, we do not have to be hypocritical in order to protect ourselves. When it comes to self-protection, there are certain values which we will want to keep and those values will determine how we modify our ways of protection to suit ourselves and the environment which we are in. 
At certain times, what teaches us the most valuable things is what hurts us the most. At certain phases of our lives, things which seem ridiculous and extremely unbelievable happen. For instance, the last person or friend on earth whom we think will hurt us does it one way or the other. After which, painful yet valuable lessons are picked up and life moves on. 
In fact, from my personal experience, I am very close to that one friend whom had betrayed my faith and trust and, yes, that person was the last person whom I thought would do that to me. This may seem to be an unrealistic friendship, however, both of us grew together through that experience and certainly, some of the misunderstandings were cleared up months later before we became friends again. Both of us have become more mature and we are closer to each other since then. 
From that painful experience of mine, I have learnt to let go of the many things which I was previously unable to. Therefore, with what I have gone through and who I am today, I am not as easily affected  by minor things in life as before;  let it be rumors and so on. In Chinese, there’s a saying, “谣言止于智者” (Rumors stop when they come to a wise person). Therefore,  life’s too short to care about the unimportant things instead of putting in more time to care for the people and things that are truly important and worth our attention.
There’s one primary lesson in life which we all can’t deny and that is “nothing endures but change”. Thus, be strong, and uphold a gentle and righteous heart as you go along. Cry it out loud when you need to; laugh your head off when you want to. And with this, happiness will follow you.

Thank you for reading.
2 July 2011
Lai Ziying

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  1. The essay has a stable structure with an introduction, body and conclusion.However I am not quite certain on how you will approach depression, loneliness, heart breaks or just being different. The essay is talking about a personal experience where a friend betrays the author and the aftermath. However, the essence of how the issue of loneliness is not really evident in the case study you highlighted. Your case study didn't really state how you are going to stand an upfront against the problem. Topic sentences are used in the first and second paragraphs. Your feelings were well evident within the essay as well.