Sunday, July 3, 2011

English homework - 12 Loh Ching Wei, Joshua

Today, many teenagers face such issues and have trouble getting over it. Depression can arise from cases such as child abuse or the death of a loved one. It is natural for people to feel like that under these circumstances. However, some people feel depressed because they cannot let certain things go and this burdens them. I do not think I have felt depressed before as I very quickly forget about bad things that happened. There is no need to let something that happened in past affect you by constantly thinking about it as the past will not change. The best thing you could do is to just let it go and forget about it.

Some people feel that no-one understands their feelings and that they are left behind so they feel lonely. I do not feel lonely as I believe that everyone is capable of feeling what I feel and that there will always be some people who have gone through what I have felt or even worse.

Heartbreak can arise from someone who has been betrayed by someone whom they held dearly or never expected would do such a thing. It could even be someone who is involved in a boy-girl relationship. I have not felt heartbreak before as I have never felt betrayed by anyone and I definitely am not involved in BGR. However, I feel that for heartbreak, you just let it go and forget about what happened as the best thing you can do is to move on.

Being different from others to me is not a big deal. Difference is also good as if everyone were the same, this world would be quite dull. It also gives meaning to certain things. For example, if there were only rich people, then people will not have the chance to realise that they already have such good lives and appreciate it.

Having to put up a front is not good as the truth will not change even if you hide your feelings. It may cause more problems as well. It can be better to let someone know so as to not keep your feelings inside, only to have it burst out one day. For me, I talk to my parents a lot so they can easily understand my feelings.

Generally, I deal with these problems by just not thinking about it. Sometimes, I do not even have to do anything as I naturally just forget about it. If that does not work, I just think of how big this universe is and how many beings are there so when I do not have to, I will not take unimportant things to hard.


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  2. The essay is pretty structured and organised, with an introduction, a body comprising of the different problems and a conclusion. Your essay includes your thoughts, feelings, thesis statements and also methods to deal with the problems along with reasoning. In my opinion, I feel that your essay does not require a thesis statement

    There are quite a few grammatical errors such as "I very quickly forget about bad things that happened" and inappropriate use of hyphens such as "no-one".

    However, I feel that the essay is pretty well written in terms of content and it is also thorough.