Saturday, July 2, 2011

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Depression, is terrifying. It can completely change a person, whether it is mentally or physically. Depression can make one tough to function properly and enjoy life like one once did. It is hard to recover from depression, but with enough will anyone can fight depression. Theres nothing in this world that cannot be done. One way is to lead a healthy lifestyle and push away all negative thoughts. Although it might be hard for some, making it a habit can help to regulate their lifestyle and slowly recover from their past.

Being lonely can be a good thing, can also be a bad thing. Why do I say that? There are two type of loneliness. One is being lonely, while the other is being alone. When one is being lonely, that means that theres nobody that care for you, or nobody can understand what you are feeling. You are unable to express or share your thoughts with your friends or family. When being lonely, one can feel left out, and if it persist it might lead to the development of depression. Personally I think because one has no friends to talk to and maybe because of some particular personalities and physical features that might set one apart from the others, resulting in being lonely. In contrast to that, being alone can be a good thing as some people prefer to be solitary while doing their things as they might prefer the peace and tranquility when being alone.

Relationships, do you love them or do you hate them? I kind of hate them. Don’t you hate them when you get involve with somebody and you trip, you fall in love but you don’t anticipate doing. Don’t you ever get jealous, and don’t jealousy make one do some silly stuff? Things happen when one get into relationships, and you never know when you might break up. Heartbreaking, isn’t it. Here, I am only talking about relationships. There are so many things that can make someone heartbroken. Parents passing away, bankruptcy , losing a leg? Its not everyday that you get a heartbreak. I am talking about the extreme cases. Its is the feeling of sorrow and grief, where theres a really large boulder in your heart, and you just cannot take it off. Tackling heartbreak is simple yet hard. Get over it and move on with your life.

To be different from your peers is not a bad thing. Its being yourself, being unique, its what stands out from the rest of the crowd!

Do not put up a front. It may conceal the secret or hide your real self, but in the long run it may all be slowly revealed. Putting up a front only helps temporary, not permanently.


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  6. Your essay is organized, but lacks an introduction and conclusion. However, the body of information is very comprehensive and you elaborated much. You also shared your thoughts and feelings about the various issues, but you could have given some examples on helping the person suffering from the depression. It would be better if you included thesis statements and topic sentences. Overall, nice piece of writing :)