Thursday, June 30, 2011

EL Homework 05 Loh Cheng Ngee

Depression is an issue that needs to be resolved, and resolved by means of eliminating the root of the problem. It is extremely difficult to even figure out the root of the problem, what with the different factors affecting each individual being different. People suffering from depression would tend to shun away from help, thus making it even harder to help them. 
Teenages also tend to suffer from depression due to heartbreaks, and factors such as being different from their peers, and having to put up a front. Usually it is the stress that gets to them, and when they finally cannot handle it, they tend to lose themselves in a different reality in which they are in control of themselves when they are not. 
Heartbreaks deal with the emotional part of teenagers, and though most have an ideal situation where they would move on from a heartbreak, experiencing one may be very different, and when that ideal is broken, it becomes even harder to handle heartbreak. 
I believe that being different is not the same as being singled out and bullied, but rather it is something to be proud of as it makes you unique, makes you you. It is not a bad thing, and as long as you are confident and appear so, stand up for yourself, then being different is something that other people would admire you for.
Putting up a front has various reasons, though I see no point in acting as if you were someone else. By doing that, you are just deceiving yourself, and will just make things worse. If friends and family were to understand you, and support you, they would not be able to bear seeing you acting like you’re fine. It causes pain to everyone, and thus there is no point putting up a front.
If I were to have these issues, I would most likely let myself loose, along with my emotions while listening to music. I feel that music, even in different languages other than the ones I know, are able to express my feelings in a way that I cannot. That helps me to relieve stress, or I may just concentrate on other things, such as playing badminton, or writing.

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  1. The essay has the introduction, body and conclusion, so the structure is good. You did give some examples on the various issues, and you did address them well. You managed to state your feelings regarding all the issues stated in the questions and I would say that the question can be rephrased into a relevant thesis statement to match your essay. The structure of your essay as split into paragraphs, grouping the different issues together and elaborating on them, and you did state that you would touch on those points—the topic sentences. Your conclusion happened to be on what you would do when you face similar issues and YES! you did state the reasons to why you chose those methods.

    So, YAY! :D You did a good job xD