Thursday, June 30, 2011

English Homework- (20) Jonathan Soh Wei Ping

What are your thoughts and feelings about being depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front? How do/would you deal with some of these issues.

My first thoughts on these are that its part and parcel of a teenager’s life. It is inescapable. However, many people would find their own ways to solve these problems, be it good or bad.

First, depression. Depression to me is like a sink hole. Everyday a person lets it be on it own, it would start gnawing at a person’s soul, sucking out all emotions until he/she would be “emo”. Personally, I have not experienced depression yet so I can’t say much on it. However, I have found some people who are seem to be having this problem. My only advice that I can give is that the person first has to find the source of depression and plug it, preventing its reappearance. The person may finally become the person who is a better person than being under depression.

Next, loneliness. I feel that most people would have experienced at one time at another. To me, loneliness is just secondary thoughts which would hinder my progress against something. So, I would often find time with my friends to do meaningful activities like going out, doing sports, playing computer games etc...

Next, a rather well talked about topic, heartbreaks. As a teenager, I myself do not have much of an experience to talk about. But personally that I think I can give is that just sit down, find out what is causing all this pain and start healing a broken heart despite the scars  before it is too late and no “repairs” or “healing” can be done.

Another well-known topic is being different from your peers. Everyone is unique and special in their own way. To me, I am unique and special as I am rather “talented” while playing most computer games. My advice is that each and every person has to find the thing that he/she is unique and special in and not let being unique and special drag you down as other people would constantly make fun off.

Finally, putting up a front. To me, I tried this and believe me it is tiring. It will emotionally drain a
person. In turn, a person would have less of a willpower to do anything. Like I said, being unique and special and being proactive in activities will bring like-minded people to you.

Having a resilient attitude, making yourself feel unique and special, forgetting all bad problems like heartbreaks, are all an essential part in having a healthy soul. Having a healthy soul, one will then have a healthy mind, one will finally then have a healthy body. All it rests on is having the right mindset and attitude and also having friends who will listen to your problems and taking the emotional stone of burden one may carry...


  1. Very deep thoughts. Good structure and information. Inspirational!

    Absolutely impressive! 100 marks! 棒极了!

  2. The essay has a very unique approach to structuring. The points are solid and independent, yet has a flow to each other. Thoughts and feelings are expressed confidently through the use of descriptions and real-life examples. Introduction readers into the essay and each point is appropriate. A very well-written essay, with good methods and advice to help ease a damaged teenage soul.