Thursday, September 29, 2011

Practice Questions for Paper 1

Can you please plan the outline of your answers for the following questions in part 1 ? When I get back next week, I will go through possible structures and answers and will answer any queries.

Write in continuous prose of 350-500 words on one of the following:

1.     1.The most memorable time in SST.
2.     2. Concentration.
3.     3.What advise can you give to Secondary One students in their preparation for their end of year GCP trips?
4.     4.In your opinion, how can teenagers avoid the pressure of trying or doing something that they are not comfortable with or something they know is not good for them?
5.    5. Write a story starting with ‘It was a recipe for disaster when Jasmine walked into the room and saw…’

Suggestion: Decide the genre of writing each question represents.


2. You came across an article written by a professor who strongly believes that every school’s main goal is to guarantee each student’s academic progress. As a student yourself, you have your own views about what school is about. Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper, expressing your views about what you think school stands for. Your letter, which should be about 350-450 words, must be written in an appropriate persuasive tone.

Use the following few lines to start your letter.

Dear Sir

I refer to the article written by Mr Joseph Tan entitled ‘Schools must focus on the academics’ in which he wrote about the crucial role schools play in ensuring academic success. Although there are some logic to his thinking, I am however disturbed by his myopic perspective of what a school is...

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