Friday, July 1, 2011

EL Homework 17-Shamus Seng

I feel that depression and loneliness are linked, and depression is usually caused when a person is being left out, or ignored on purpose. However, at times the person may be ignored accidentally, for example when the party’s peers or family is busy. Depression gradually happens over a period of time, and has a long time effect on the person, accompanied by feelings of hopelessness. When depression occurs, the person is emotionally unstable, and may attempt to commit silly things. In order to avoid depression, the party should often communicate with his or her peers and relatives. I do not suffer from depression, but when I am feeling down, I will talk to my soft toys or consult my peers if necessary.
Heartbreaks happen when the closest peer, or rather the other party in the same relationship, did something awfully bad to the person. Or the person is being bombarded with work all day. In other words, the person suffers overwhelming distress, either from peers, or in some cases, studies. When a heartbreak occurs, the person is extremely depressed and will tend to isolate himself or herself. If a heartbreak is consistent, it will result in depression and loneliness. I only had heartbreaks once or twice in my life, and I face them by asking my parents for advise, because I think that they understand me best.
Being different from your peers leads to the person needing to put up a front in front of others. In my opinion, being different is being special, so up till now I still do not know why others will tend to put up a front. However, from what I know, others will feel different when their peers are “better” than them, for example when his or her peers achieve better academic results, or look physically more appealing. The party will then feel different. When he or she puts up a front, he or she will usually mingle with the people whom they think have a higher status among the rest. I have never felt different because I believe that everybody is special. Even if others say that I am not as good as them, I will tell them that nobody is perfect.


  1. You have a comprehensive coverage of information on many types of problems, such as heartbreaks and being different from your peers. I assume that you have been through some of those things you had stated, though it make an ass out of you and me(Ass-u-me). You have few grammatical mistakes, but one such sentence that I was pondering over is “ I only had heartbreaks once or twice in my life “. It sounded a bit weird. Overall, your viewpoints are quite a norm and not really a shocking piece of thoughts for me.

  2. Your explanation was detailed and appropriate too.