Friday, July 1, 2011

EL blogging-Lim Zhi Qi

I would feel very depressed because I have problems and yet I am unable to share with my friends who are precious to me. I would want to somebody to help me but I am scared that the person would even attempt to hurt the already fragile me. Putting up a front is easy but the pain comes in whenever you see your close friends trying to care for you and you have to push them away. That heart-wrenching feeling that is stuck in your heart is unable to erased away. 
You are lonely and you cannot seek any help. 
Your close ones are beside you and yet your heart is far away from their reach.
You want to trust them but your heart tells you to not trust anyone else. 
It is a fight between the painful reality or the peaceful escape to the fortress you had build up. 
The choice is always difficult.

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  1. It's overall a good opinion, but you could elaborate about other teens in general.