Friday, July 8, 2011

Chapter 1 Extensive reading

All these feelings are very useless and only happened when are not self confident or not achieving. For example a person who is jobless would be depressed because he is a burden on his family and has a lot of free time to ponder over these useless feelings. Loneliness also happens when you are not involved in many activities, meeting new people is very important for a race such as ours. As it is said before humans are social animals. We cannot live alone unlike owls and worms. Loneliness is also easy to overcome by going into sports and watching movies with friends. Also social platforms like Facebook, and MySpace helps in these. However this is not recommended as some teenagers start to lie about themselves as someone better. This causes them to get addicted to the social platform and escape their true self. I cannot say much about heartbreak as I have not experienced it. Caused it but not experienced it. But I would like to say that heartbreaks area a part of life. To overcome is not caring. Of course the best way to overcome is to cuss the other person. Being different is more like an advantage. Usually when you are different you have an ability to express yourself and everybody would listen. What you say matters more. Of course if you are different by having a disease. You should also embrace it. You should try to get rid of it but do not ignore it. You would realize after a little embarrassment the disease help you realize who you are true friends are. Putting up a front has never happened to me because I talk so much so I usually say everything about myself. 

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  1. All the information is cluttered together and splitting it into paragraphs would have been more appropriate. For the part about heartbreak, cussing may not be a long-term solution to the problem.

    Overall, I agree with most of your statements. Maybe you could have used a different font though, as it is quite hard to read when it's all chunked together.

    You could have used thesis statements, as it would make your arguments much clearer, as you are explaining each situation individually.