Friday, July 1, 2011

01 English Blog Post Hw—Grace Tan Soo Woon

What are your thoughts and feelings about being depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front? How do/would you deal with some of these issues.

Personally, I think that depression is a state of mind where a person is dealing with tremendous pressure and stress and sadness which all builds up and leads to a breakdown, and even afterward the person is not able to move on and still remains trapped in negative thoughts and feelings and becomes a long term mental state of mind. Loneliness is on the other hand, "easier" to deal with in a way that the person thinks that she/he is alone, anywhere and everywhere. even when in crowds, one feels like he/she is in a barrier, separated from everyone else, awaiting someone willing to step in and hopefully stay in. Heartbreaks are usually a result of taking premature relationships too seriously and being unable to handle separation due to a break up. This usually happens when young teens are curious in relationships and are too eager to get into one.

Regarding the issue on being different from peers and having to put up a strong front, most students feel that they are inferior to the rest of their class or friends when they compare results often and came to a consensus that their results will always be considerably lower then their friend's or classmate's. There are also cases where students feel like "outcasts" because they are not accepted into any cliques or groups willingly and are usually rejected by classmates and friends, just because they have buck teeth or have a more unique hairstyle or voice. Having to put up a strong front may not be a very big issue from my point of view as there are times that a "strong front" is needed to be able to enjoy precious moments of life with friends before returning to darkness and hell at home, from abusive parents or just thinking negatively.

Usually, to be able to deal with such issues, the person needs someone to confide in, someone who wouldn't laugh at him/her, someone who is willing to comfort her/him in times of need and to "shine some light in his/her darkness", or to "lend her/him a shoulder to lean on". If I were the person with such serious problems, I would try to find someone I can trust to talk to to share my burdens and to get some good advise. I would also keep a mental or physical note on some of the enjoyable things that have happened during the day in case I think negatively at night.

"For a barrier can be broken, sadness that has made way into a young heart would have a way of coming out, there is no need for a bottle inside one's heart, seek and you shall find."

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  1. The essay generally has a visible structure - with the different problems split into paragraphs, though an introduction is absent from the start. A conclusion is present, which provides a good closure to the essay for readers. The issues mentioned above are well-elaborated an gives detailed opinions as well as thoughts and feelings for every issue. For this essay, there are no visible topic statements for each paragraph you have written, so I believe that there is no need for a thesis statement here as it is mostly a reflection. You have mentioned only in the last paragraph about the methods to deal with these issues, and have elaborated slightly on the methods. There is hardly any reason behind your methods, and though there are examples given, perhaps an explantion for the methods would be useful to the reader who may not have been through these issues and do not understand what it is like, and thus would not see reason behind your methods to deal with them. Overall, the piece is nicely written with comprehensive detail save the last paragraph.