Thursday, June 30, 2011

EL Homework_22-Tor Ming En

What are your thoughts and feelings about depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front? How do/would you deal with some of these issues?

Depression, as a whole, is a really serious issue in our society right now. Generally, most teenagers will feel depressed if they are betrayed or shunned by their friends. Some of them will also feel dejected if there is too much stress to handle, and it often comes from their friends or even the parents themselves.

There are also some teenagers who get depressed due to other serious issues like loneliness and heartbreaks. Sadly, many teenagers will feel lonely and insecure despite being in the company of others. Those teenagers will feel doubtful many a times and they will feel upset with themselves for being unable to fit in. However, most of time, they are actually just paranoid and what they are thinking might not necessarily be true.

Heartbreaks, on the other hand, is another issue that needs to be addressed. Teenagers nowadays like to go into relationships; however, as we all know, relationships are never rosy and smooth sailing. Sometimes, it will lead to endings like break ups, and this might lead to even more dire consequences. For example, teenagers who cannot handle things properly might find themselves in a severe state of depression.

I feel that being different from others is a privilege, something which must be embraced and appreciated. Everyone should take pride in their uniqueness, and not feel bad about it just because it is uncommon. Also, I feel that putting up a front is nothing but a lie to escape from reality. It is terrible to live a life in denial, so we must face the music instead of trying to hide from it.

If I were to face such problems, I will consult a trusted adult for advice. I will also try to do things to release the emotions bottled up within me, so as to prevent myself from being depressed.

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  1. The essay is well organised with all the points answered. Your thoughts were shared about the various issues. The content written on were relevant and there was a relatively good understanding of the issues. There were topic sentences to give a general idea for the reader too. The reasons are sound and manages to obtain clarity.

    However, there are always ways to improve. Though all the points were touched on, they could still be further elaborated with the appropriate opinions and evidences.

    Jing Jie(: