Thursday, June 30, 2011

EL Homework - 06 Oh Sher Li

I feel that most of these are stages in life that most teenagers will have to go through. We should accept ourselves for who we are, and relieve our feelings the right way, by telling someone or writing them down. Usually, someone else will understand and offer advice, and just by listening, they can serve as a great help to lessen the burden. If I am really unhappy with the situation I am in, I would try my best to change myself or my attitude to adapt to these situations, and continue living my life as per normal. The most important thing is not what has happened, but how we choose to face it and overcome it.

Teenagers may feel depressed if their friends are not treating them right, or they feel that the world is caving in on them. It is different from feeling sad or down, as it is a medical condition that has to be cured with clinical methods. The environment that a child grows up in, or what he is exposed to, may trigger off depression. Often, the best way to overcome depression is to talk to someone who understands and open up to people who care.

Loneliness is derived when people feel betrayed, unloved, or when they are drifting apart from friends and family. It may not appear serious at first, but it holds consequences worse than we think of. There is also a chance that loneliness may lead to depression. Some people who are lonely may put up a false front to hide their pain, and to mask their disappointment. I think that the best cure for loneliness is a good friend, who is willing to encourage and motivate, and also to distract the person.
Heartbreaks result when teenagers or adults are involved in relationships, and face problems with their partners. To me, prevention is key, so there is no point of even going a relationship, but to a person that is heartbroken, it is probably best to distract oneself by taking part actively in healthy activities and carrying on with living.

If someone feels different from his or her peers, they may feel inferior and lack self-esteem. They will try to change themselves, whether in appearance or personality, just to fit in, and when all else fails, they may even fall into depression. Some people are unable to feel accepted and unique, and may develop eating disorders or serious illnesses. This is a very common problem in society. The best way to counter this is by speaking to someone and feeling accepted, then going through encouragement to make them feel unique.

Some people put up a front in order to hide their feelings or the pain they feel inside. They may not want others to see their weaknesses, and thus shut out themselves and their feelings. Although they may appear normal and unperturbed, they may be feeling emotional distress on the inside, and need someone to truly care about them. They may be confused at times, about whether they want assistance or not, but essentially they appreciate others’ concern. These people need to open up to their friends and family in order to be eased of the pain, instead of keeping their feelings cooped up.
Some people may be facing these problems without the knowledge of friends or family. If I were them, I would follow the advice that people give me, as feeling negative will affect not only my schoolwork, but the feelings and attitudes of others towards me.

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  1. There is a detailed body but the introduction and conclusion is not clear. You shared your thoughts and feelings about how you felt about putting up a front, dealing with peers and loneliness. A thesis statement will be relevant as it will help to give the essay a better order. Topic sentences were used well to focus the paragraphs. You also touched on how you would deal with the problems and these suggestions, in my opinion, are sound and can be used to tackle problems effectively. However, it can be better if examples were given for the suggestions.