Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Topic Sentence and Supporting Statements

Please upload your paragraphs as comment to this post. Do remember the structure that you were taught in class: Topic Sentence --> Supporting Statement 1--> Specific eg --> Supporting Statement 2-->> Specific eg --> Concluding statement.

Have fun with your paragraphs!!


  1. School uniforms lack comfort due to their lack of air ventilation. It is clearly evident how some students unbutton more of their uniforms even though their in school, to allow ventilation of air. Also, it can be seen that some students fold up their sleeves and fan themselves a lot to cool themselves down from the heat trapped in the uniforms. Therefore, it can be concluded that school uniforms are uncomfortable in the view of students due to the cotton used to make it.

  2. School uniforms are not fashionable since they are not customizable. It is clearly evident how the students customize their uniform daily, like folding their socks to make them ankle-socks, or not buttoning the top most button of their shirt. If one were to stand outside a school and observe the crowd of students for a moment, one can tell the vast difference between the normal school uniform and the customized version. Students also add on other accessories to make them look more “cool”, for instance wearing a colorful hairpin, a silver necklace, rainbow belts, graffiti-like shoes, and even coloring their nails. In conclusion, it can be said that school uniforms are being customized to suit the students’ individual preference, hence school uniforms are not fashionable, and should be banned.

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  4. School uniforms create a stereotype in which parents and administration sees every student as a student of a certain school and not as an individual which may be a problem because their voice may not be heard.
    It is clearly evident that once a student of a certain school committs an offence, or does not behave while in public that parents and the public would have an impression that the students of that particular school as whole are unruly and troublemakers.
    In any case, all students should be given a chance to be heard as an individual, and while uniforms make it easy to recognise students, the consequence is that the school’s name is easily brought down by a single mistake.
    In conclusion, school uniforms should be banned as the stereotype they create can cause the downfall of a schools' name with a single mistake.

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  7. School Uniforms should be banned because they are not comfortable. Wearing school uniforms are banned, students will be allowed to wear their home clothes. This may make them feel more comfortable. This can help them to concentrate better during lesson time.
    It is also evident that giving students what they want can help them to feel more comfortable, and also improve their efficiency. Therefore, School uniforms should be banned in favour of the students.

  8. Agree

    School uniforms lacks comfort as there is a certain dress code to how school uniforms should be worn.

    It is clearly evident as student prefers to untuck their uniform outside school premises instead of tucking it in, like in school, to get comfortable.

    This is just basic means of getting comfort, what make things worse is that some upper secondary students even modified their school uniform to achieve the comfort. Cutting part of the sleeves away, curling the long pants and resizing the uniform are some classic examples.

    These are the very reason why school uniform should be ban.

  9. School uniforms affects the self-esteem and confidence of the student due to the dull designs of the uniforms. It is clearly evident that students these day are modifying their school uniforms just to suit their preferences. Just take a look at the bus stop outside a school. I am sure you will notice that many students made adjustments and amendments to their school uniform. Students feel a lack of confidence when wearing the old-fashioned school uniforms. With the school uniforms banned, and students are allowed to wear their own clothes, they may even be motivated in coming to school. Hence, they are modify their school uniform, to boost and cultivate their self-esteem among students and each individual’s confidence, which gives them a sense of pride and the admiration of others. In conclusion, school uniforms should be banned.

  10. Disagree

    School uniforms should not be banned as it provides identification and a sense of individuality and belonging for each student that belongs to the school due to students not being proud of their school.

    The school uniforms will enable the general public to identify their students and students will be proud when they wear their school uniform and represent their school in competitions

    It is clearly evident that when the general public notice students do good deeds, they may post this specific example to online forums like STOMP to enhance the reputation of the particular school.

    In conclusion, school uniforms should not be banned as it provides identification and a sense individuality and belonging for every student in each school.

  11. School uniforms are very uncomfortable. It is evident that after students have had their CCAs, they get quite uncomfortable especially while changing into a new set of clothes or when having to put on the same set of uniform twice in a day when there is physical education (PE) in the morning, requiring students to change from one set of uniform into another after PE and then CCAs after school which also require them to change back to their original uniforms or having to change into another set of uniform immediately after PE. Also, some of the collars of the uniforms are very uncomfortable for people with sensitive skin causing them to find that their necks itch a lot especially under the heat. In conclusion, school uniforms should be banned due to their lack of comfort for the students.

  12. Schools insist on school uniforms as they want to foster a sense of belonging in the students for the school. However, the students think otherwise. For instance, girls will fold their skirts to make it look shorter, like a mini-skirt. Moreover, girls are not the only ones who want to look good. Boys would have purposely buy baggy pants to be fashionable. Students would want to assert their individuality and show their character or uniqueness by the way they dress rather than a same appearance of everyone in the school.

  13. School uniform is hot and stuffy due to the fact that students are required to tuck in their shirt. As a result students nowadays are tucking out their shirt and folding the sleeves up when out of the school to cool down and ‘air’ themselves.
    Some students even roll up their pants when playing sports or walking in the public. Allowing students to design or wear their own shirt would suit their own personal preferences and provide them with a comfortable attire to be in while studying or doing other stuffs. Thus, school uniform should be banned for it cause students to be uncomfortable and stuffy, having to be tucked in.

  14. Disagree

    The school uniform helps to develop the students’ sense of belonging to the school.

    When someone is in the public, he will have to uphold good behaviour so as to not disgrace the school. This is why the uniform is standardized in the first place too, it can help students develop good moral values and discipline when on their own.

    When on the MRT platform, students must learn to give way to others exiting the train first so they do not disgrace the school by showing low moral standards.

    Also, when they are taking part in competitions, wearing school uniforms show which school the students belong to. When they lose or win, everyone else will know who are they and all the students will feel that they are a team.

    Uniforms are meant to help students and not purely to degrade or restrict them, it is a form of discipline to comply to the school rules about the uniform.

  15. School uniforms will not only take away the open mindedness and creativity of students, but it will also deprive them of comfort due to the lack of air ventilation, thus making them less enthusiastic to wear it.

    It is clearly evident that students find it hard to play sports in their uncomfortable school uniforms, and it will also lead to skin irritation if the students were to perspire.

    In a nutshell, I feel that the rule of wearing school uniforms should be abolished, and that the students should be allowed to wear their own home clothes to school.

  16. School uniforms should not be banned as uniform serves as a source of identification. The common uniform also shows the unity and school pride of the students in public. If the students were to wear their own clothing during public excursions or visits, the general public would get the idea that the students aren’t in a school. Furthermore, if the students who aren’t in school uniform visit a prestigious institution or join a competition, the judges or educators will not have a good impression, the students would also not have a sense of belonging and unity. In conclusion, school uniform is made for students to have a sense of belonging and identity and should not be banned in any way.

  17. School uniforms should be banned as they are not comfortable for they restrict movement due to their stiffness. It is without doubt that students cannot move around quickly as the design of the school uniform does not allow them to do so. In addition, the material which the school uniforms are made from are thin and easily stick to the body. Some schools want to cut costs so the percentage of cotton used in the school uniforms is lesser than normal, thus the school uniforms are not breathable and are abrasive to the student’s skin. Given the above facts, I believe that school uniforms should be banned due to them being uncomfortable.

  18. School uniforms should not be banned as it instills discipline in the students and make them more responsible in whatever they are doing in public.

    The way a student wears their school uniform is able to let people see their attitude. Wearing a prim and proper school uniform is indicative of a well-disciplined student.

    It is evident that most students from the well-known institutions in Singapore are seen wearing a neat set of school uniform. Most students from neighbourhood school are, on the other hand, usually seen modifying their school uniforms.

    In a nutshell, school uniforms should not be banned as it reflects the character of the wearer.

  19. School uniforms are not fashionable since they lack uniqueness.
    They are all the same. This does not allow uniqueness in the students. This means, that since all of them are the same, it is impossible to show how you are unique from other people.
    You are also not allowed to customize it in any way besides the shoes and socks. This does not allow uniqueness in students. Since the school uniform is standard, and you cannot customize it to fit your own tastes, it does not allow the student to be unique.

    In conclusion, School uniforms are not personal at all, and do not show your tastes.

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  21. Wearing a School uniforms takes fun out of a students life and makes it boring for a student. It is evident that seeing the same color in everyone make someone bored and thus causing him to lose attention. However when we are allowed to wear our own clothes everyday so many people wear different things filling up life with many vibrant colors.
    Also wearing the usual dull colors of a school uniform might cause a student to see himself/herself as someone who looks ugly causing him to lose self confidence
    In conclusion school uniforms takes life out of us and see out selves in a bad angle

  22. School uniforms are confusing because many schools have almost the same design and this contradicts the fact that school uniforms are put in place for identification of the school.The colours used by many schools are similar and this lacks uniqueness between schools. School uniforms also lack comfort, as the materials used are often made to look formal and are stiff. They are also costly and can become a financial burden, especially during the period where children grow rapidly, as the cost of uniforms is usually high, and they have to be changed almost every year. In conclusion, uniforms should be banned, as they are an inconvenience both to the school and the students.

  23. Agree: School uniforms can be modified to suit student’s preference although a consensus for a standard must be arrived at. If students can negotiate an agreement with the school, why not let them take charge and design a revolutionary uniform? Many students dislike their uniforms due to the old design, therefore regarding them as unfashionable. For example, the fact that many schools require students to tuck in is one of the many reasons why it is unpopular. It can be stuffy and restricts movement, whereas a tucked out shirt will do better. Being hip is also a reason for modifying school uniforms. The current fashion trend makes a great influence on them. Other than that, media, such as shows from other countries, say America, allowed pupils to observe how American teenagers behave. For instance, American teenagers may wear hip apparels. This will cause a significant impact on the mindset of fashion on teenagers. Therefore I strongly recommend schools to allow students to form teams and design uniforms. It can even be in a form of friendly competition!

  24. I disagree with the ban of school uniforms.

    School uniforms serve as a reminder to students about their responsibilities in school due to their standard designs. As students become older, it is evident that they will more likely to focus on their appearance. Therefore, instead of focusing on learning in school, most students of this generation will spend time on their how they look. With all the students of the same school putting on the school uniforms, the room for them to compare their clothes is reduced. Thus, the school uniforms serve as a reminder to the students that they should focus on gaining new knowledge instead of comparing their the designs of their outfits. Hence, I disagree with the ban of school uniforms.

    Lai Ziying

  25. School uniforms restrict the physical activity of students in school as it is not made of materials that speed up the drying of sweat. This is clearly evident as we can see students changing into their Sports and Wellness attire during breaks so as to engage in physical sports such as ball games with their classmates. This brings on huge inconvenience as the students will have to bring additional clothing to school, adding on as a load to their heavy backpacks. Furthermore, some students engage in physical activity without a change of clothes and come to class sweaty and uncomfortable as the material of the school uniforms are unsuitable for sports. Students will then be unable to focus on their work due to the discomfort from their drenched attire. This might even cause health problems such as colds as many classrooms are equipped with air conditioning. If students were given a choice on what to wear, these problems will not occur as they will be able to wear their sports attire, which allow effective absorption of sweat, to school if they know that they are going to be engaged in such activities. As a conclusion, I strongly encourage the banning of school uniforms.