Monday, January 24, 2011

Reflection No 1- Lim Zhi Qi

Facts and opinions are important for the journalist/reporter as the reader will be able to know that what they are reading are facts and not the journalist’s opinions. 
The hyperlinks that are provided on certain websites may be inappropriate, unreliable or offensive. The content and quality of linked websites should be monitored and internet users should be warned that the pages they visit are not part of the news website. 
They must be able to judge whether the information that they read is true or not as not all websites provide facts. 
The journalist in the world of online news reporting should post facts and not biased opinions so that the reader can be able to read an objective piece of news. However, some problems arise with the rise of online news reporting. 
Many articles on the internet now are neither factual nor accurate. Many readers just keep getting redirected from one website to the other, and most probably reading inappropriate articles. We can control this by monitoring the content and quality of linked websites and warn the internet users that the pages they visit are not part of the news website. 
Another problem is that many internet user just take someone else’s article on the net and repost it as his. During this process, the user might alter the information before verifying. This will cause readers to not being able to read accurate news. 
Another potential problem is the dilemma of breaking a news story immediately on the internet and therefore alerting rival news outlets, or waiting to break the news in another medium and have an exclusive story. This might cause the other rival news outlet to steal the article and allow them to have an exclusive story. This might even end up into a fight using underhanded methods just to get their hands on the news articles. To control this, I think that we should have a policy stating that the news article must at least be published in written form before it is allowed to be published on the net. This will ensure the reliability of the article and avoid any fights. 
Hence, readers should be able to differentiate whether the website is reliable or not and avoid copy other people’s article and pasting it somewhere else. Reader should also help the online journalist to verify the information and the source. 

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