Monday, January 24, 2011

Reflection No 1 - Calvin Heng

Journalism is reporting on news currently happening in our world, spreading and let people know of what is going on. People who hear such reports will intend to receive hard facts and the truth. Being able to have opinions of the people involved in the event are also elements in such a factual report. Being able to differentiate the bias in opinions and true facts is a basic skill. If a reporter or journalist does not have this skill he/she would suffer in writing untruthful pieces of information which will give the readers the wrong message. Fact and opinion will also differ in information, once a different article on the same event contains opinion that is written as facts, the reader will be confused in the process of corroborating information and might eventually mislead them.

Currently online sources of informational news is so fast that they can cause serious ethical issues or cause information that is not yet verified to be posted on the world wide web which may defy the principle of accuracy. These problems can be controlled through having a certain date and time for all the online news to be released reducing the competition between news companies on who has the freshest news. The informational news can reduce the amount of unrelated links that leads to places of undesirable or false information. The mass amount of information spread across the world wide web will cause over loads in the internet server and will slow down the whole process along with the overload of information, readers will be confused and wont know which one to trust. Many of these information will come in different forms deceiving and causing the reader to be mislead.

As a reader, we must also do our part in keeping our cyber community safe. We can help out by reducing the amount of mass spamming of news as these news may contain bias, false and incorrect information. As readers we must be able to judge if a certain piece of news is trust worthy or not and read accordingly. Check sources and make sure that they are reasonably reliable, reducing the amount of time wasted in reading false information. The readers must also be able to differentiate fact from opinion and tell the news accordingly.

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