Thursday, June 30, 2011

EL Homework- 02 Khit Sue Lun

She clung to the cliff, tossed in the wailing storms. Closing her dreary eyes, agony resides, and pain withdraws. For all she knew it was all taken away, all in that one moment of deception. The lurking shadows had buried it deep in her heart, grounding her weary soul in the looming silence of the night, eroding all the hopes of once before. Tears unravel in the dark murkiness of denial, as she plunges into a pit of never ending confusion and fury. If only she could let go, and face the roughened sides. If only she could gather that tiny morsel of determination to face the tides, crashing heavily into the shores. If only she believed, in herself and her beloved ones, and she would have succeed. Succeed in walking out of this thing called depression.

Dealing with loneliness, heartbreaks and being different from your peers is not a hard thing after all. Everyday, we dodge precariously from the challenges in our world, masking all our feelings from the people around us. It is all about letting go and stopping yourself from brooding about the past and moving on to the future. Master the art of forgiving and forgetting, carry this skill with you throughout your life, and you will slowly realise that fitting in is not the most important thing in your life which you will have to be stuck dwelling about. Be yourself, let your true feelings show, and you will discover the wonders of friendship and family relationships.

Before plunging yourself into a ‘self-concocted’ depression, think about those who are much more unfortunate and relish every single day of life. Most importantly, discover the immense joy of bringing a smile to everyone’s faces. With that notion, you will be alright.

Hiding behind a delicately painted mask is a sign of weakness and lack of self-assurance. Within these shadows of quivering souls lies a common belief- that they have failed in life.

What actually is a failure in life? Getting low grades? Losing in a competition? The real failures are those who fail to harness and treasure what they already have, and moan on their shortcomings instead of trying to improve. These people will be caught in a standstill, hidden in their worries and pain, in hope of someone to get them out of this tempest of a storm.

However, it is a clear fact that no one can bring in help except yourself. Words of comfort drowns in your misery, continuous support taken for granted, time spent buried in the fading dreams of yours. This is all the help wasted if you do not make a change and put in effort to struggle out depression. It is a cold battle against yourself, and only the one with the strongest willpower will live to see the brighter days.

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  1. It is quite interesting however it is not much of a post. It is more like a poem or story which explains why depression and empathy is unwelcomed. All the same it was very interesting and worth reading but my small brain cannot process everything so next time dumb it down a little