Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 3: Analysis of Letter - Calvin Heng

The writer effectively used Ethos through stating the fact that he has experienced loosing a child to a gun accident and is concerned about gun ownership. Implying that he has the right to tackle this topic and is fighting for the well being of Americans.

Next, the writer used Pathos through emotion appeal. He stated the reason for his intense interest in the topic, which is because his son was taken down by a gun as well. He added that it happened because the gun of another household fell into the hands of a child who unintentionally killed the writer’s son. The writer asked a very powerful rhetorical question “Do you want to be responsible for supporting legislation that would make more such incidents occur?” which concluded everything that he wants to say.

Next, the writer used Logos through logical reasoning. Through stating of facts such as “A study of 743 gunshot deaths by Dr. Arthur Kellermann and Dr. Donald Reay published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that 84% of these homicides occurred during fights in the home. Only 2 of the 743 gunshot deaths occurring in the home involved an intruder killed during an attempted entry.” it proved that most of the gun shots were caused by anger,hatred or depression that resulted in unwanted killings in households or suicide. The stating of such statistics from reliable sources adds a bonus to his persuasiveness and convinces the authorities even more.

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