Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 3: Analysis of Letter by Lai Ziying (03)

The writer starts the appeal with the use of pathos by praising the Congressman for his impressive past voting record and expressing his respect and expectation towards the Congressman. 

And then, writer uses logos to start expressing his views on the issue. He states his ideas and opinions in a very logical way by first indicating where he is coming from, the situation he is in before proceeding to giving examples which show the disadvantages of having an easy access to gun ownership by the citizens. Throughout the examples given, ethos is shown as the examples stated are all statistics provided by the F.B.I and other reputable people such as Dr. Arthur Kellermann and Dr. Donald Reay. Also, ethos is shown because of the wide variety of examples provided, ranging from the perspective for each household and then to a nation. 
At the end of the letter, the persuasive tools used by the writer are logos and pathos. Logos is shown here as he linked all the examples of disadvantages of having an easy access to gun ownership to his current situation and perspective. Also, the way he talks about his son being killed by another person’s gun shows that he agrees with the fact that owning a gun is for self-defense and to protect one’s family, and yet revealing another potential danger of the easy gun ownership and which is that the gun may land in someone else’s hand whom is not mature enough to utilise it. By doing so, the writer fulfills his purposes to expressing his views and yet the way he did it makes him seem to be less biased.
Lai Ziying

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