Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 3: Analysis of Letter by Joshua Ma (14)

Firstly, the writer appeals to the Congressman's emotions by complimenting him, where the write is using Pathos, in the first paragraph. The writer then goes on to appeal to the Congressman's logic, using the motivational appeal Logos, by stating many of the facts related to guns, such as statistics, numbers and even using a study by doctors as an example. which all comes down to one thing in the end which is death. Finally, the writer uses the motivational appeal Ethos, by trying to look from the Congressman's point of view, trying to give the citizens more liberty and happiness, and also looking from citizen's point of view, stating and using the rights of Americans, the rights of LIFE, to appeal to him to make stricter laws against the common citizen being able to buy a gun, saying that these threatens their rights.

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