Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 3: Analysis of Letter by Chan Jing Jie (09)

The writer effectively used the three types of persuasion techniques. Firstly, the writer used “Pathos” by stating how he lost his son, his personal experience after losing a child to an accidental gunshot incident, and hence, leading to the reason for the appeal to the congressman to vote for stricter laws in the gun control legislation. He boosted his appeal, by stating that he wants such accident in households to be prevented, and persuaded by asking a question, “Do you want to be responsible for supporting legislation that would make more such incidents occur?” Moving on, the writer used “Logos and Ethos” by stating all the statistical data in the letter, regarding how many people have been killed by gunshots, and the other harmful effects of having a gun, however, during the process, he still remains strong in the reason of writing the letter that gives a sense of professionalism, increasing the credibility of the letter.

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