Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Consolidation and Reflection for UYOW Questions

Today's lesson looked at how to identify and answer 'Use Your Own Words' questions. Based on your responses to the quiz and the error analysis, blog about what you have learnt from today's lesson. Reflect on the steps to follow and what to look out for when answering such questions.

Looking forward to your responses!


  1. 1. Underline the key words that need to be changed.
    2. By the side, write down a few different words that have similar meaning to replace the selected word.
    3. Choose a word that best fits the sentence.
    4. Ensure that the tense of the chosen words are the same as the selected word.
    5. Try to keep the sentence structure the same as before.

  2. Take note of the key words.
    Underline the key words needed to be replaced.
    Ensure that the word replaced fits in the context and the tense is right. When writing in the answer, Make sure to replace the key words with words of similar meanings.

    *Never replace words which require knowledge: eg. Photosynthesis
    *Never replace nouns: eg. Vehicle
    *Check the marks allocated. Note that the amount of marks determines what you need to change.
    *Marks does not mean the number of words. Eg. 2 Marks ≠ 2 Words. It may be more than that.

  3. Underline or highlight keywords which needs to be changed.

    Change the word form which best fit the sentence.

    Rewrite the same sentence, except for the words that needs to be changed.

    Do not change words that are not able to be changed, like driver, humans, he,she,it or vehicle.

  4. - Take note of key words in the sentence and try to underline or highlight them.

    - Change the keywords to words with very close or similar meaning, and making try to make it in the same form and tense

    - Do not try to replace technical words, eg vehicle. It is a waste of time

  5. Underline/highlight the key words.
    Change the keywords to a similar word or phrase of a similar meaning.
    Check the sentence structure and confirm that there is no repetition of key words.

  6. 1. If the phrase is not given, sift out the sentence.
    2. Highlight the key words that need to be paraphrased.
    3. Make sure that the paraphrased words are in the same form as the key words.

  7. 1. Identify the key ideas of the sentence.
    2.Try to change words into the similar form.
    3. There is no need to replace technical words.

  8. 1. READ.
    2. Read the questions.
    3. Analyse the sentence(s) or passage being used for the question.
    4. Circle or Underline the Key Words based on selection.
    5. Change the Key Words to other words with the same meaning.
    6. Make sure the words used to replace the key words fit into the sentence.

    Take Note:
    - Practice on selection of key words
    - Terms that are not important to answering the question DO NOT need to be replaced.
    - Check tenses and such.

    2) look out for key words
    3) look out for key ideas
    4) think of alternative phrases for the key ideas
    5) replace the key ideas
    6) key ideas must be in the same form as the original
    7) no technical words

  10. 1) Read the paragraph designated to the question
    2) Underline the key words
    3) Change the key words but NOT the key idea.
    4) Write down alternatives to the key words
    5) Try to make the new alternative in the same form as the original
    **DO NOT change technical words such as vehicle as a four-wheeled transportation device etc.
    6)Craft the sentence

  11. Underling important words
    Replacing those words with your own
    No need to replace technical words
    The meaning remains the same

  12. Read the question carefully.
    Identify sentence.
    Identify key words in the sentence.
    Replace the words with other words of similar meanings.

    Technical words need not be replaced.
    The sentence structure should be kept the same.

  13. 1. Underline the words that you think needs to be changed.
    2. By the side, write down a few different words that have similar meaning to replace the selected words.
    3. Choose a word that best fits the sentence structure.
    4. Ensure that the tense of the chosen words are same as the word that needs to be changed

  14. When answering Use Your Own Words questions, you have to underline the key words in the phrase you are required to change and then replace them, in the sentence, with words that will retain the meaning of the original words.

  15. 1. Identify keywords and underline them.
    2. Replace those words with other words with similar meanings.
    3. Rewrite the whole sentence with the replaced word.

  16. -Highlight keywords
    -Use synonyms to replace the words
    -Paraphrase the sentence with those synonyms