Monday, January 24, 2011

Reflection No.1 Chong Guang Jun

Journalists use facts and opinions in their articles for online news reporting where the information is shown to the world. Facts in the articles tell the readers the exact scenario which the article focuses on. It has the five ‘W’s and one ‘H’ which depicts the scenes of the articles which will let the readers know about the article and what happened. Opinions are sometimes used, but rarely, when the journalist needs to let the readers understand and feel how bad or good the situation is. This makes the readers continue to read the articles and also be able to judge the situation based on the given opinion. Opinions are most of the times prohibited as the articles are needed to be precise and not opinionated.
Some articles are not very appropriate as they make the readers click links on the hyperlinked words and get redirected to another site where more links are given and makes the whole article very messy and also very inappropriate as there are many different information and not all are truthful and trustable. To solve this, the articles can be summarized into one article on the webpage and not lead the reader into many links and mess up the whole article.
Another potential problem is the dilemma of breaking a news story immediately on the internet and therefore alerting rival news outlets, or waiting to break the news in another medium and have an exclusive story. The other outlets might take the opportunity, when the online article has been posted, to steal their article and thus making the article their own and publish it as their exclusive story. To control this problem, the news outlet can first publish the news article by writing, like on newspapers, before it is posted on the internet. This will help to control the article from being stolen from the net and publish it as their own.
Readers should know what is right and what is wrong, which are the facts and and which are the opinions. They should not just judge an article from just one single view, and instead they should hold back and make sure that the information is fully correct, and not just full of opinions that the journalists or the interviewees gave.

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