Monday, January 24, 2011

Reflection 1 — Bryan Goh

1. Based on your understanding of facts and opinions, why do you think this is important for a journalist/ reporter in the world of online news reporting?
The journalist/reporter in the world of online news reporting have to know the importance because they have to report accurate and reliable information. If they do not know the difference, they mad cause the readers to misunderstand the information and the undesirable may happen. Therefore, the understanding of facts and opinions is very important for a journalist/ reporter in the world of online news reporting.
Also, having different opinions of people in a online news report may also be very important and this can give the different sides of a story and letting the readers have a better understanding of the story.
  1. How can some of the problems raised in the articles be controlled?
Information is some reports may not be verified before it’s posted online because of the benefit of immediacy, this can lead to some undesirable issues because of the misunderstanding  So, the only way to prevent that is to not publish the articles immediately but get people to verify it’s accurate.
Also, hyperlinks that are often found on these news reports may not be accurate and can lead to false information, again, leading to misunderstanding from the readers.
Sometimes there may also be an information overload because of the availability of the internet, information becomes can become world accessible.
Having two reporters working on a report together may help to reduce some of these problems in the world of online news reporting.
  1. What are some responsibilities of discerning readers?
Because of the internet, there may be some inaccurate sites, so the readers must learn how to differentiate between a reliable site and non reliable site. Not only that, they should also know what’s a fact and what’s an opinion in order to get the right information.

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